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German Web Awards 2022 - JERICHO Media - Preisträger 2023 - Agenturen in Deutschland - t3n Gewinner

Ausgezeichnet! German Web Awards – Gewinner 2023

Award-winning Agency - JERICHO listed as German Web Awards 2023 Winner A duel for the best design/web Agencies in Germany facilitated by the good people at the German Web Awards has come to an end with only less than 5% of the participants emerging as winners in 2023. Over 2000 applications were submitted from agencies across the nation with extensive work that ranged from web design and e-commerce all the way to digital marketing, film production and UI/UX design. While it feels good to be recognised for our work in the areas of filmmaking, ad campaigns and data-driven marketing within......

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Motion Imagery Hannover

Best Marketing Award 2022

The growth is slow but surely steady, and 2022 marks another highlight for us as an agency. Triumph Motorcycles Germany held its internal awards and we so happen to represent the winner of the “Best Marketing 2022” category; Triumph Münster. Success only happens when there is mutual understanding and respect between multiple parties. With that...

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