With over a decade experience in media and communications, we are helping build up businesses one brick at a time.

JERICHO is a media and communication agency based in Hanover, Germany. We pride ourselves on a deep understanding for the work we do, and that reflects in our philosophy. Just as a journey of a thousand miles starts with a step, we believe every message starts with an idea before it is expressed in words or images.

Therefore, we approach our projects from a communicative standpoint. We want to make sure the mediums through which your message is communicated do not constitute ambiguities, but offer nothing but clarity.

The use of multi-media is an effective form of communication and according to our experience, combining words with images and/or sound remains the most relevant way of communicating one’s ideas to the general public. Multi-media may include - but not limited to - audio, text, still photographs, motion pictures, abstract art and animation.

Regardless of what media we decide, we ensure it represents your identity, your clients’ demographic and the emotion you wish to invoke.


  • 0 TEXT: Translations, Textual Content, Proofreading/Editing
  • 0 DESIGN: Print & Digital Graphics, Web
  • 0 AUDIO: Voiceover, Jingles, Audio Books, Sound Design
  • 0 VISUAL: Illustration, Photography, Image Editing
  • 0 CONSULTING: Business Proposals, Presentations


Our everyday lives are filled with all kinds of communication and what we do at JERICHO is ensure that your process is filled with neither ambiguities nor lacklustre.


You own your story. You control your narrative. We only set it off into the communication cycle.


We communicate your ideas and messages through one or more of our communicative media to your target audience. We are the link between your brand and your audience.


Congratulations, your message has successfully reached your audience and largely still represents you. There is no feedback greater than the effects and impressions left on the receiver.

Communication is a comprehensive process and must be understood as such.


Kayero Sanda

Creative & Editorial Director

Nina Sanda

Project Manager & Media Design

Kayero has worked in various industries from broadcasting to public relations and publishing. Area of specialisation: Content creation, copywriting, animation, video and music production.

Nina is an experienced creative with a demonstrated history of working in the fields of web design and print media, digital design in the gaming and music industry.
Specialised in Adobe Photoshop and InDesign. Area of specialisation: Identity & branding, digital design, print media and project coordination.


Why sing our own praise when our esteemed clients already do. (Thank you so much, by the way!)

Anna Volnov Anna Volnov Passion Nails Beauty Salon

I'm excited! The result of the design of my website and the flyers exceeded my expectations. Above all, I thought it was great that I was "heard" and understood as a client. Big thanks Nina and the team at JERICHO! www.passion-nails.com

Marian Poirier (Sweetopia) Marian Poirier (Sweetopia) Sweetopia.net

I cannot say enough good things about JERICHO! Working with Nina has been the best for my website; she has amazing customer service, is fast and efficient, creates beautiful designs and I can trust her with the littlest issues to the biggest ones. She provides over and above customer service support and is lovely to communicate with. She genuinely cares about her clients and the success of the site, and as someone who is a novice WordPress user, I feel comfortable asking her about anything. I'm so glad to have found Nina; having someone I trust and rely on for website design and issues is truly invaluable. Customer for life! www.sweetopia.net

Klaus Motoki Tonn Klaus Motoki Tonn LUMEN GmbH

Love working with you two! Highly professional. Always on time and on point and super creative. www.lumen-partners.com

Izabela Gurgel Izabela Gurgel Praxis Gurgel, Diplom-Psychologin, Verhaltenstherapeutin

For more than 20 years I have been working as a psychotherapist in my own practice in Hanover. In 2014, I decided to create my website and commissioned a very nice website designer, Ms. Nina Sanda. Ms Sanda has carried out her mission consistently with great commitment and very creative proposals. In particular, the photos and the arrangement of the text stones provide information about Ms. Sanda's professional work. She maintains my website regularly and that to my complete satisfaction. I can recommend JERICHO with a clear conscience and I am always available for any questions you may have. Izabela Gurgel, Diplom-Psychologin I www.praxis-gurgel.de

Ralf Heiming Ralf Heiming Luftikurs Hannover e.V.

We have had a very pleasant relationship with Mrs. Sanda for many years. Always approachable, very competent, very friendly, very professional. I www.asthmaschulung-hannover.de

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