The Task

Create a sales campaign across social media that will generate leads, and eventually sales of the newly released Range Rover Evoque and Jaguar E-Pace.

The Challenge

The year is 2020, a time many believe to be the beginning of the compact SUV boom in Europe. Many car brands had similar products and had the market saturated with an alternative. The consumer arguably has never before had such a large pool of choices, and British car brands are not the most popular in the EU region.

Our Solution

We understood that there is a rich history and culture behind these luxurious brands and that these brands have a cult following. We had to tap into the Britishness of it and created a short and concise animated ad targeted at automobile aficionados. Short because the attention span of the average person on the internet is eight seconds. Concise because the interwebs is full of clutter and we must stand out.

Result – 76% rise in average monthly leads

ClientJLR Stopka Hannover GmbH

Sector – Automotive Retail

Automotive Sales Campaign

Format : CD