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About Us

Who We Are

JERICHO is a creative communications agency leveraging the power of multimedia and data to create unique brand identities. We approach every project from a communicative standpoint, and that means unlike the traditional agency model, we get rid of the clutter to make sure your message is crystal clear.

We harness the power of data to achieve lasting solutions. We test ideas in an iterative process, look at what the data is telling us and execute the results in creative ways. This is truly where science meets art.

Are you looking to scrimp on unnecessary costs that agencies lay on you while complicating your projects? Then, we are your destination, because we get right to the shits.

Our Process

  1. Sender: You

    You own your story. You control your narrative. We only set it off into the communication cycle.

  2. Media: JERICHO

    We communicate your ideas and messages through one or more of our communicative media to your target audience. We are the link between your brand and your audience.

  3. Receiver: Target Group

    Congratulations, your message has successfully reached your audience and largely still represents you. There is no feedback greater than the effects and impressions left on the receiver.

Faces You'll See


Kayero Sanda

Founder, Creative & Editorial Director

Nina Sanda

Projektmanagement & Design

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