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JERICHO is a media and communication agency, and our position on all the projects we take on is to make sure communication is achieved. Every single medium we use is scrutinised to make sure your identity is retained and not lost in today’s overwhelming multimedia space.

This is only achieved by understanding your core values and market positioning. So while we’re crafting our services to please you, we remain in touch with you and carry you along through the entire creative process. Check out our portfolio here.


Design is the hub around which most of what we do at JERICHO revolves. Whether it be logo design or graphics for either digital use or print, no matter the destination, we guarantee you professional and impressive craftsmanship.


It is a no-brainer that social media is gradually replacing traditional media outlets, and indeed does prove to be more effective. Our social media management program yields enormous results giving you more leads and overall social media growth. Let’s help you create your own unique identity on social media. Check our portfolio for details.


Motion picture when combined with the right sound can invoke a different type of emotion. In our Film & Sound package, we cover scripting, directing, cinematography, theme music and sound design. Everything you need to make your visuals stand out.


It’s not so much what you are saying but how you say it. The box is as important as what is inside it. With due diligence, we are able to help create a persuasive brand around your products so that they are market-ready.


Creating compelling ads and commercials affords you the opportunity to break into new territories. By putting a solid strategy in place, we can help you craft ad campaigns that target your audience and prospective customers, thereby increasing your ROI.


We know the marketplace is saturated and we know you want to stand out. What better way of achieving this than to develop a credible brand identity. We achieve this by following a step by step process of first understanding your market positioning and matching that with the corresponding visual component.


Copywriting accompanies most of our services, and having an impeccable copy whether for internal communications or external purposes promotes effective communication. With over a decade of experience in text design, we prove with our work just how crucial a clear copy is within a communication cycle.


Photographs are a historical document. Capture all the emotions of today and they will remain forever. Take a look at samples in our portfolio.


Your website serves you in so many ways. For some, it acts as a sort of organisational diary, while for others, it might be an encyclopaedia. Whatever your purpose may be, we match function with aesthetics, and make sure surfing through your website is a pleasant experience for your customers.

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