The Task

Create a promotional video as part of the rebrand of a cosmetic studio.

The Challenge

Formerly known as Passion Nails, this nail design studio had built a solid reputation for itself for over a decade as the destination for professional mani and pedi services. It is now rebranding and expanding into a cafe, adding on new services and changing its name. Our biggest challenge was to represent the new model with its new name without losing the regular customer base.

Our Solution

We knew that rebranding especially when it involves a name change could easily lead the customer base to believe there is a new management. So we set out to strike an emotional response by creating a promo video that features the staff and known faces, while also showing the new services that have been added on.

Result – A video that garnered the admiration of people with tens of thousands of impressions online.

Clientmetime beautycafé

Sector – Beauty and Cosmetics

metime beautycafé Image Film

Format : CD