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5 Things We Can Learn From The Tesla Cybertruck Rollout

Just a few days after Elon Musk introduced us to the weird matchbox-looking truck, the internet has been set ablaze by comments and remarks, many of which apparently do not bother him. It may be indeed difficult to see a queer bizzare truck like this and have absolutely no comment about it. While some people may show more interest in it being an electric sustainable alternative to most conventional trucks, its torque or its towing capacity as displayed in the F-150 pull, it is its unusual design and its shattered windscreen that has been the topic of most discussions.

Just as it is with many marketing rollouts and campaigns, there are a few lessons to be learnt here from Tesla’s genial CEO.

1.    Polarising Design: A polarising design/product will always get people talking. The Cybertruck isn’t exactly that piece of automobile that drives by without you turning back for another look. There is in fact nothing like it. The way vehicles are produced with striking resemblance among most of the major car manufacturers today, the Cybertruck did do a good job separating itself from the rest of the herd with its unorthodox shape and design. You have only two options here: love it or hate it. 

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2.    Polarising doesn’t always mean good: If we are being honest, the Tesla Cybertruck looks like bad news. It looks like a messed up Christmas present wrapped by a toddler. While the design might be unique, it is an exceptionally terrible kind of unique. If people with virtually no sense of humour can make hilarious memes out of your product, that could only mean your product is ridiculously laughable.

3.    Elon Musk is the QUEEN of social media influencers
In a generation of short-lived controversial hype and buzz, Musk seems to have mastered the art of putting his name on everyone’s lips. Although Musk adds some class and a couple of billion dollars to his clout chasing, nonetheless, clout chasing. If the Cybertruck becomes a hit, one could only wonder what the Pretoria born South African has up his sleeves.

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4.    If you are not sure, don’t do it
After endlessly touting the truck as an incomparably durable vehicle, you don’t backpedal to say, “maybe you threw it too hard” and still go ahead to make the same mistake again. When Musk instructed his guy to hurl the steel ball at the glass the second time, at that point his “stunt gone wrong” became entirely his fault. And what makes this even more cringe worthy is that the truck continued to sit there in all its glory while Musk continued his praise for the failed auto.

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5.    Be a billionaire: Elon Musk has been keeping us updated with the number of orders the Cybertruck has had via his twitter. It makes one wonder who those people spending 40,000 on an unimpressive truck are. In spite of the declining ratings amidst the shattering of the Tesla glass, the numbers seem to be increasing on the orders, according to Musk. Imagine an unknown startup failing to deliver its promise even before product launch.The question is, “will people still go ahead to order the same product?” The answer is, “be successful, be a billionaire and people will queue up to buy your faeces at an exorbitant price.” Almost reminds me of Kanye West’s “cancellation” when he made some controversial and sensitive remarks, only for him to have his record top charts and sold platinum in just a day or two.


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