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Spotify Wrapped is the Best Free Promo Campaign Ever. Here is Why. Spotify for Dummies. Wrapped 2019

Spotify Wrapped is the Best Free Promo Campaign Ever. Here is Why:

Ever since Spotify started the annual Spotify Wrapped statistics, we see the internet flooded with musicians and bands posting up the number of streams and followers they’ve been able to gather during the course of the year. It became sort of a ritual and something a lot of artists look forward to to share with their fans.

Yes, it is an annual documentation of growth (or decline) for musicians. It gives insight to the artists on what they have been able to achieve, what they are doing right and what they should perhaps be doing better. But the real question is, who benefits the most from this? Yes, you guessed right. Spotify!

I am not sure if there is a way to find out just how much the free advertising is worth, but we know that if Spotify were to pay for the free advertising it’s making its artists do, it would run into millions of dollars. Just earlier this year, it was estimated that the Popeye’s Chicken Sandwich frenzy gave the Louisiana based company $23m worth of advertising.

The difference here is, Popeye’s viral moment was an outcome of sheer luck, while Spotify’s Wrapped is an intentional marketing strategy that leaves their footprints everywhere on the sands of the internet. It is a very well thought out move that outdoes what Spotify’s competitors would ever do, and with Spotify gunning for the top of the streaming ladder, this is no doubt putting their competitors under duress.

Spotify Wrapped is the Best Free Promo Campaign Ever. Here is Why. Spotify for Dummies. Wrapped 2019

Earlier when Spotify rolled out their Wrapped campaign, it was only made available for artists and could be accessed via their Spotify for artist accounts but this year, Spotify also enabled users and listeners to access their listening data and share them with the world.

Although, Spotify isn’t putting a gun to anyone’s head to share these data, they would rather put a lot of effort into the graphic presentation of these data to make it irresistible. They would make up numbers for you that you don’t even believe yourself. Spotify is playing a mind game with all of us and we are falling for it. Only Spotify knows whether those figures are really true but there are a few people who are already showing some concern over the authenticity of those numbers. But whether they are true or not, everybody loves numbers, and with Spotify giving you those numbers, it does something to your dopamine and adrenaline arsenal.

What then do you do? You rush for your devices, you post the numbers. You feel good about yourself. But in reality, Spotify has just used you to do its dirty work. If streaming portals care about creatives, they will fix their streaming royalties and stop paying artists a meager sum of $0.003 per stream. Because even with one million streams in a year, what you are really getting out of it is (go figure, folks!) $3,000. 


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