What does your writing style say about you? The best way to establish your tone is using vocabulary that creates the tone. Expanding your vocabulary will make writing get easier. JERICHO helps you with that!

What does your writing style say about you?

Picking up the pen to scribble something down on paper isn’t actually the first step to writing. Words aren’t just words. Words are first conceived in the mind and exist in a state of abstract before they come to life as words that we can read or hear. In his book on lateral thinking, Edward DeBono describes language as the most obvious code system with words serving as triggers. The words are a manifestation of an idea, thought or emotion that can otherwise not be conveyed without the use of words. Writing however isn’t the only medium of communication but remains to date the most commonly used and comprehensible media of information.

There are a plethora of writing guides that govern the many genres of literary works. A genre has different meanings. But for simplicity, a genre would either mean a category of writing style e.g. mystery, romance, historical, scientific, etc. or a type of writing within any category e.g. journal, letter, essay, novel, etc.

Although art is borderless (we can all agree that writing is a distinct art), there are nonetheless guidelines one has to follow and adhere to when it comes to writing. In academic writings for example, there are certain things called writing prompts which help us to manoeuvre through. A telenovela script is written differently and you wouldn’t want to shove this style into a research report. A business proposal should be convincing. A novel should be intriguing. An academic essay has to be factual. A newspaper piece has to be informative. An autobiography has to be revealing. A journal is personal. An article is opinionated. Poetry is imaginative…. All these have to be put into major consideration before and during writing.

“The grimy sounds of wheels hitting the rail tracks, the unstable movement of the iron cabins, the boarding and alighting of passengers, the unending stops at stations every minute calibration of the clock and the frenzy of sport fans.

The city sure was in one hell of a mood this sunday night. Holding on to the poles for stability, heads bopping like thirsty zombies, they continued to talk as they gradually arrived at the central station where they would both have to get off…”

– A novel writing style by Kayero Sanda

Irregardless of genre or writing guidelines, individual styles also matter. This is what every aspiring writer has to figure out for themselves. Truthfully speaking, it may initially seem a tad difficult to create with intent one’s style but the good thing is you don’t have to. Your writing style will self-create from the diction and tone that is most present in your works. Diction however must not be confused with tone. Diction is the way you choose to express what you mean. For example, you could choose to say “my hommie” instead of “my friend” or replace “men are unreliable” with “men are trash”. Note that in formal spaces, your diction also has to be formally tailored, otherwise you stand the risk of insulting you readers. Same applies vice versa. Tone on the other hand, is the emotion behind a piece of writing. Tones of anger or depression or conceitedness amongst many others are seen to be present in many writers’ works.

The best way to establish your tone is using vocabulary that creates the tone. Expanding your vocabulary will make writing get easier. While that is completely true, developing one’s vocabulary never comes easy. Even in one’s own native language, it could also be difficult to build a vocabulary that is precise. Developing your vocabulary is a long process that probably never ends – there is always something new to learn – but it will help you find precise words that you need to express your idea.

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