Blog article - blog post: Are you communicating or miscommunicating?

Are you communicating or miscommunicating?

Humans are social beings and are meant to interact with each other. Our society and environment are filled with day to day communication – communication with others and even with/within nature, there are tonnes of communication happening. Communication could take on simple as well complex forms but regardless of what it is, it is usually a two way street.

The Shannon-Weaver model of communication simplifies this by letting us know the basis for all forms of communication. Generally referred to as the “mother of all models”, the Shannon-Weaver is the most intelligible model you can possibly find. The aim of this model, as it should be, is to enhance effective communication.

Although this model has being under a lot of criticisms and is considered redundant and irrelevant in the 21st century, it still lays the foundation for virtually all kinds of communication. Whoever doesn’t get this will most likely fail at communicating.

There is a flow between a sender who is the source or origin of the information being sent out and a receiver who the message is intended for. Between these two are a series of processes and activities that either ensure or distort the effectiveness of the communication. A feedback on the contrary isn’t a mere reply or review on your website, it is the reaction and effect on the receiver that makes all the difference.


The channel phase is usually where a lot of people mess up the cycle. Every cycle is nonetheless susceptible to noise which disrupts the flow of the information being sent. Therefore, it is important to shut off all interceptive signals during this phase, or at least not contribute to these interruptions.

In business and entrepreneurship, it is important to understand your target market and know which channel is most suitable for them. Certain demographics understand certain media better than others and all these have to be duly noted. This is one of the most heavily relied upon elements in advertising.
Colourful and digital images appeal more to the millenials than it would to the seniors and the early morning newspaper generation may not really need or appreciate all that animated images within their channel.

At JERICHO, our media of communication are always selected based on who our clients are trying to appeal to. So we consider a range of options depending on the target audience.

So whether we are designing graphics or sound or text for you, you can be rest assured that we are doing it the right way.
We are not clouding the media with ambiguities and obscurities like some others do in an attempt to assume an intellectual persona.

Our range of services can help you better understand how we use media to communicate your brand and products to your customers.

Have a JERICHO day! 🙂


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