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JERICHO is a media and communication agency. Our strength lies in the fact that we firmly understand what we mean when we say ‘media’ or ‘communication’ and this is what sets us apart from the rest.
For the sake of our clients, we have simplified these terms into concepts that no longer have to be grappled with but understood in clear terms.

Our quiver is full of arrows indicative of media tools that we use in conveying your messages. Every single medium we use is scrutinised to make sure your identity is retained and not lost in today’s overwhelming multimedia space.
This is only achieved by understanding your core values, what you stand for and who you wish you speak to. So while we’re crafting to our services to please our clients, we remain in touch with you and carry you along through the entire creative process.

Check out our portfolio here.


Our decade of expertise in text processing and editorials speaks for itself. So whether you are trying to write an autobiography, a magazine article or an academic essay or perhaps, you only need a third eye to revise your textual content, we are here for you to turn your words into a true reflection of your voice.


Your design needs are met with us at JERICHO. Get your websites freshly created or pimped by our creative team. It doesn’t end there. When it comes to graphics for ads, product branding, logo designs and many more, we are your go-to.


Keep it in mind that English is gradually becoming the universal language. It only makes sense to sell your brand to that market as well. We have proof of works we have translated from German into English. You can trust that we will deliver to you like we’ve done in the past.


Photographs are a historical document. Capture all the emotions of today and they will remain forever. Take a look at samples in our portfolio.


Eloquence in itself is a language and voiceovers add that extra texture of robustness and certitude to your content. Let’s help you layer your crispy voice on your documentary, narration and broadcast material.


Having an audio version of your writings and literary works puts you at an advantage. Trust that we deliver your tone and tonality while at it. To capture the emotions invoked by your every single word is important to us.


Your social media layout doesn’t have to be like every other. You can create your own unique and uniform identity. We have done this time and time and we can only assure you to add some sparkle and vibrancy to your instagram. Check our portfolio for details.



Sound design is like any other design field, except that here, you are dealing with something abstract, yet concrete. Let us do what we do and help you craft sounds that speak and represent what you are saying.



Using our services is one thing, using it effectively is another. We can work together with you on how to effectively use our services to grow your business. Consult with us today and we will walk you through every step of the way.

Some of our clients that we successfully worked with and still work with til this day!

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