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What is the JERICHO process? How we work!

When communicating within a cycle, there are a few factors that need to be considered in order for it to be effective. What we do at JERICHO is consider these factors before we design any media forms for our clients.

In business, persuasion and communication are the key steps to realising profit.

Kayero Sanda, JERICHO

How do you persuade your customers? How do you communicate with them? In what language do you communicate? Once you figure out who your clients are, then these questions are easily answered.

Putting your ideas into words doesn’t always come easy. We at JERICHO specialise in helping you convey your thoughts and ideas to your customers in clear and precise words either in your business proposals or in your advertising campaigns. As mentioned above, knowing your clients will also help us put down your ideas in language that your core audience understands.
For example, if your product is aimed at kids, virtually no communication will take place if you communicate with them in complex sentences. If you’re writing an academic essay, you would want to write in an academic language. Writing like a toddler won’t get the job done this time. Our specialty is to get to know your audience and craft words in a language that your core demographics understands.

Writing is just one of many forms of communication. An English adage says, “a picture is worth more than a thousand words”. This is true and this is why it is also important to communicate a picture in clear contexts. Many ideas and thoughts can be expressed in an image. Our graphic/media design works are crafted in such a way that it is reflective of the people you are selling to. We know that the millenials are a media-savvy generation. It is only wise to use less words and more pictures when approaching this market niche. They are a very vibrant generation, therefore, we consider this before carving a medium of communication with this group.

Irrespective of what you are saying or how you choose to say it, know who you are and who you are talking to. Give them something they can relate to.
Whether we are helping you write your ideas, design your websites or craft a slogan for your product, we sit with you and go through this process together.

10 years of experience - JERICHO, Kayero and Nina Sanda - Multimedia Agency

We get to know you, what you stand for and the identity you’re trying to create of your business.
We get to know your target audience as well, so as to create products and services that they can relate to.

Every single element in media is important and must be carefully crafted.
Consult with us and let’s begin your campaign.

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